Animation course

Dumiah is so excited to announce the complete 3D animation course.
From day one you'll start animating on the latest software and equipment, under the guidance of expert lecturer. (Animation Mentor alumnus)

• class capacity: 8 students. 
• Classes is limited (only 2 classes available). 
• Students will be enrolled on a first-come, first-serve basis based on class availability. 
• Register early to secure your preferred section day and time. 
•Study in a collaborative, studio-based environment. 
•Learn on industry-standard animation software “Autodesk Maya”.
•Learn from lecturers with extensive animation experience and industry connections.

Upon completion of the full course the best 5 students will get 2 months internship in Dumiah studio.  

Dumiah CEO. ( alumnus 2016.

Find some of his personal work here:

Sherif Radwan

Meet the instructor

Some of our projects

Level (1): Introduction to 3D Animation. (6 weeks) 

  1. Bouncing Ball

  2. Light and Heavy Ball

  3. Pendulum

  4. Overlap

  5. Vanilla Walk

  6. Personality Walk



Level (2): Animating Characters & Body Mechanics. (6 weeks) 
1.    Full Body Walk 
2.    Quadruped Walk 
3.    Exploring Physicality 


Level (3): Advanced Body Mechanics. (6 weeks) 
1.    Full Body Animate (An advanced study of body mechanics in motion. 
2.    You will complete two to three shots this class

Level (4): Acting. (6 weeks) 
1.    Pantomime Shot 
2.    Dialogue and Acting Shot

Location: Dumiah animation (Maadi Corniche, Maadi stars towers)
Cost: 5000 L.E / per level


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